Good News, High Falls Fans: The Egg's Nest is Returning…Probably.




Locals and frequent visitors to the hamlet of High Falls in Ulster County have been mourning the closure of the Egg’s Nest, a cafe/restaurant/tavern located at a very visible place in the center of town. The Egg’s Nest festive decor both inside and out makes it even more eye-catching, pasted from corner to corner with every time of bric-a-brac and tchotchke you can possibly imagine, not to their giant menu full of tasty food and beverages.

It closed its doors over the summer, and the town muttered a collective bummed-out moan. But we just got wind that the Egg’s Nest is coming back, gleeful decor included. Here’s more about it on Hudson Valley One, and it could be re-opening as soon as this coming spring. Just one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Week!

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