Hudson Valley Love from the Windy City

  |   August 13, 2014  |  Comment
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The Chicago Tribune’s Travel section laid out a whole lotta lovin’ for the Hudson Valley two days ago with a feature extolling our fair region. You can read it here, but be prepared to have to register, create an account, and sign up for the CT’s 5 free articles a month deal. Highlights include this quote: “There you have the Hudson Valley in five words: so many great little towns. In their midst is no shortage of things to eat, see and do while crossing back and forth over the mighty Hudson River.” Damn straight! Spots like the CIA and the FDR House in Hyde Park, West Point, the Walkway-over-the-Hudson, Perkins Tower in Bear Mountain State Park, the city of Hudson, and many more get a mention in the article. Here’s what the article’s author, Josh Noel, has to say about the Saugerties Lighthouse:

“Just north of the town of Saugerties, an old lighthouse has been converted to a charming two-story bed-and-breakfast that offers a blissfully calm front-row river seat ( Getting there requires a short walk that can include ankle-deep water, depending on the tides. It’s booked for 2014 and is already filling for 2015. But it is available to tourists during daylight hours for a look.”


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    I never thought I would be one of those people… But I’m at the point where I wish people would stop talking about the Hudson Valley. Came here for peace and it is turning into a hipster circus in a lot of places…

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