Need a Reason to Move to Kingston? Kingston Creative Gave Us Five


UPAC in midtown Kingston via

Thanks to Kingston Creative, we now have all the reasons we need to make the big move to the city of Kingston. And Kingston Creative would know, since they’re a digital marketing company located in Kingston’s midtown. Just recently, they posted five very compelling reasons to choose midtown as a place to work, play, and create. Included among those reasons is the Midtown Arts District, the proposed Kingston Greenline Rail Trail, Smorgasburg, which we posted about last week after we heard that it’s going to be delayed until August 6th, and…well, at least two other reasons. Go read the list for yourself and see if you’re not tempted.

Need a sixth reason? Check out Midtown Rising, a coalition of residents and community groups “working together to build healthy, dignified and joyful lives in Midtown Kingston,” according to the group’s website. So many exciting happenings in midtown Kingston. Why wouldn’t you want to be in the thick of it?

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