Relocators: Celebrating New Year’s Eve

  |   December 25, 2012  |  Comment

So what’s everyone doing for New Year’s Eve this year? Mark and I don’t like to get too crazy. In fact most people would call us downright boring. But in the past, we’ve tended to go to a nice restaurant and eat some good food. New Year’s is also our wedding anniversary. It makes for a nice celebration.

But I was wondering if there is anything to do in the Hudson Valley area that is different or unique. Or even a good restaurant recommendation would be great. I’m looking around the Internet to see what I can find. Anyone have any suggestions? Here’s what I’ve found so far….

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Kary and Mark are two people looking for their own little slice of heaven and peace on earth. We've lived in a lot of places...the latest being Brooklyn NY. The first time we saw “Upstate” New York…we were in. We felt we had found the perfect compromise of living in a small town that didn’t necessarily have a small town feel. Kary liked the idea of growing a garden and having an art studio. Mark liked the idea of being near water and mountains. Ruby and Milo, our dogs, liked the idea of a big yard to run around in.

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