Second Empire Victorian Perfection in Rhinebeck Village, $1,795,000

Anyone who’s been on Livingston Street in Rhinebeck likely recognizes this stand-out c.1875 Second Empire Victorian, resplendent mansard roof and all the ornate details one comes to expect from one of these venerable Rhinebeck manses. In fact, this isn’t the first time we flirted with this house. We looked at it back in June 2016, and it had a $1,995,000 listing price. The listing price has since dropped by $200,000, making it…not exactly affordable since it’s still close to $2 million, but perhaps slightly more affordable.

Includes 4800 square feet, six bedrooms, 4.5 beds, and a full renovation as of 2015. Modern kitchen and spa baths aside, the renovation of this home preserved its myriad details like crown moldings, soaring ceilings with medallions and frescos, parquet floors, marble fireplaces, and chandeliers. If you’re looking at this house and thinking B&B material, you’re not alone. We thought the same.

46 Livingston Street, Rhinbeck (H.H. Hill Realty Services)

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