UPSTATE JANE: 2 cute cottages in Willow- $229K

  |   April 14, 2012  |  Comment

These two cottages have so much potential! You pass over a cute little bridge over the creek and find two charming chocolate gingerbread cottages, that would make ideal rentals or a weekend home for an artist with studio space…there are many possibilities. As cute as they are, there is even more potential left to really make these places sing with your personal touch.  There is a screened porch, stone fireplace, and a large deck making this a great, cozy romantic retreat.


  • Beds:3 Bed
  • Baths:2 Bath
  • House Size:1,420 Sq Ft
  • Lot Size:0.73 Acres
  • Year Built:1945

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  • dj

    What a difference good photography makes! Looks like Westwood Metes & Bounds lost the listing amd Coldwell Banker got in there with a decent camera. Suddenly this listing I’ve been seeing since 2011 looks interesting.

  • hilary

    Just a reminder…August, 2011. These homes are accessed via a private (and sketchy) bridge, only. No guiderails?? *shudder* In any event, bridge will at some point need something, its just the nature of infrastructure. How much will it cost, who pays and how, could be up in the air… Even if there’s a legal homeowner’s association, this could be a serious future issue. Since last summer, the romantic notion of your own bridge access has definitely had a dose of reality. There’s a second-home / vacation rental property in Chichester still inaccessible due to the twisted wreck that was its bridge…

    • dichotomyinteriors

      It certainly can be an issue (the accessibility) but I was pretty impressed that the bridge held up with Irene and there wasn’t any damage to the property. Another thing to look up I guess would be the extra cost for flood insurance. I am not sure if it is located in a flood plain, do you know Hillary? I am right on the Sawkill, but Irene didn’t effect our property, our cantilvered deck, or flood in anyway. We are not in a flood plain although on the creek, and don’t need the insurance-so you never know…It is always a concern though, and any good realtor should discuss this with you upon viewing the property. (not to say they will…) so thanks Hillary!

  • dj

    Not in FEMA flood zone according to UCIS. When something’s on the market this long, I tend to suspect it’s the owner gradually coming to terms with market realities post-real estate bubble. Sure enough, this property was last sold at the height of the boom, for considerably more than it’s worth now. Owners who bought during the bubble tend to set their first asking price too high, and the property has to sit there through several rounds of price drops.

    • dichotomyinteriors

      Thanks DJ! I had a feeling it wasn’t, or it would have received damage or the bridge would have most likely been swept away. It is always something to think about when buying on or near the water, but with research you can weigh the plusses and minuses. You are also accurate about the other comment too… 🙂

  • upstater

    I might have to go look at them for the fridge alone!

    • dj

      I know! Love the fridge!

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