Looking for a Tiny House in the Hudson Valley? Warwick’s Got You Covered.

This rare gem of a Warwick Tiny House does not skimp on the upgraded features…

Tiny Houses aren’t exactly raining from the sky in this part of Orange County, NY, so if you’re feeling this one, better jump on it. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

Located on a .67-acre piece of land north of Warwick village, this little cottage listed for $117K includes the standard single-bed/single-bath configuration that is common in Tiny Houses. But, the devil is the details when it comes to the 392-square foot interior, and those do not disappoint. Comes with new exterior siding, windows, door, upgraded electric service/plumbing, newly-dug well, and tile/hardwood floors, as well as the original pine floors that came with the house when built in 1937.

The open living room and kitchen comprise most of the space in the house, so it’s a good thing the kitchen’s been remodeled with new appliances, fixtures, and cabinetry. Same goes for the bathroom.

The house sits in view of rolling fields, and there’s enough yard to plant your own gardens. Thanks to an encirclement of tall trees, this cottage feels private. Walking distance to Edenville, a charming hamlet 5 minutes’ drive from Warwick village, with a general store, cafe, and weekly open mic, if that’s your thing.

This week on Upstater, we’re seeking out our favorite real estate listings in the Warwick, NY area, located in Orange County’s southern tip. Check out this property, as well as this one, and stick with us all week long for more in Warwick!

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Find out more about this Warwick Tiny House located at 1 Blooms Corners Road, Warwick from Green Team Home Selling System.

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