This Week on Upstater: A Little Something Extra in the Hudson Valley & Catskills

118-120 Maple Street, Cementon: $998,950

Need something to sweeten the deal? This week, we’ll be delving into the listings in order to get a little more bang for our residential real estate buck. Properties featured will come from all over the Upstater area, spanning the Catskill Mountains, Hudson River valley, and west of the Berkshires, and each one will include an extra feature like a guesthouse, barn, art studio, greenhouse(s), private dock (like the home in Greene County depicted above), additional plot of land…you name it. If the property includes more than a residential house, we’re going to find it for you.

While properties with extra features often list on the higher end of the price range, we managed to find some inexpensive properties that come with a perk. Don’t believe us? Wait until you see a property we found in Ulster County listed for less than $130,000. Dying to hear more? Stay with us all week long as we bring you the best of the best property with something extra in the Hudson Valley & Catskills….

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