10 Gift Ideas From Hudson Woods’ “Upstate” Installation at Whisper

  |  December 10, 2015

While our “Upstate” inspired installation at Whisper may be history, we have reassembled our favorites here. All of the items are created by our maker neighbors and partners in the Hudson Valley/Catskill zone. We chose them not only because of their originality and quality, but also because they look great. Thanks again to @AndNorth and @kateorne for their contributions to the curation.

Jay Teske Leather, Co Kingston, NY: Inspired by vintage leather goods, Jay Teske Leather Co. creates durable and structured products that will last a lifetime. Each piece is hand cut from American hides and vegetable-tanned in one of the few remaining domestic leather tanneries. These leather goods will absorb hand oils and age beautifully over time.


Writing Portfolio: This leather writing portfolio is made out of 4oz. vegetable-tanned leather that is sourced and tanned in the USA. Inspired by leather portfolios of the early 1900s, this portfolio can accommodate legal, letter and tabloid papers and features an expandable pocket for iPads and notebooks. Available in Natural, Black or Brown. Natural leather will patina with use.


hudsonvood2Trivets and coasters: This trivet comes in natural, brown or black leather and will patina with use. 11” x 6” trivets feature hand-burnished edges and are made from 9/10oz vegetable tanned cowhide that is sourced and tanned in the USA. Coasters are available in smooth, dot or diamond texture.

Silk & Willow New Paltz, NY: Shellie Pomeroy is drawn to silk for it’s durability, softness, and drape. “Silk is alluring, and the colors it radiates are breathtaking.” She also works with other natural materials, such as cotton, for its textural beauty. All of the materials used by Silk & Willow are either biodegradable or can be easily re-used and recycled.


Plant Dyed Table Runner & Cover {Indigo: INDIGO is a traditional indigo blue. Each batch can vary slightly in shade.This tight weave cotton fabric is hand loomed and naturally dyed with plant materials sustainably gathered by artisans in India


Plant Dyed Napkins {Plum}The set of four napkins are un-pressed and the edging is unfinished to create a natural look with texture. Plant Dyed Napkin {Finished edges, Assorted colors} Each napkin is individually loomed and sewn with care and attention. Plant Dyed Table Runner {Saffron, tight weave} SAFFRON is a perfect harvest color. This earthy but bright hue will add warmth and texture to your gathering. Wide enough to cover a full table, or gather as a table runner.Hudsonvoods5“I work very, very slowly, just connecting dots on a piece of paper trying to find the most beautiful proportion,” says Ehrlich. “I’m looking for a certain silence, a quiet.

Deborah Ehrlich Glassware Accord, NY: Deborah Ehrlich has been designing exquisitely simple crystal glassware since 1999. Sketched in her Hudson Valley studio, and hand blown, cut, and polished by master craftsmen in Sweden, each piece is a union of contemporary forms and traditional techniques. Paper thin, clear as water, and absolutely flawless, Ehrlich’s creations are instantly recognizable for their purity and delicacy. The strength of non-lead Swedish crystal allows a fineness of line that enhances her graceful, unadorned shapes.


12 inch Church Tapers: Simple and stylish, the12 inch Church candles are just divine.

GREENTREE HOME Candle Delhi, NY: Jennifer Green’s studio is a sensory collage of raw beeswax, the sweet scent of honey, busy hands, spools of cotton wicks, scores of original molds, a rich palette of colors and textures and above all the gentle warm air. Each candle in our collection is lovingly made from 100% pure beeswax, hand poured and finished.



These individual pieces from one of Laetitia’s elaborate installations are made from solid elm and are meant to be both artworks and playable dart boards

Laetitia Hussain Dart Board Artworks Hudson, NY: Laetitia currently lives and maintains her studio in Hudson NY. Hussain’s work and installations are elaborations of emotional reactions to social and environmental issues. “I kind of have an obsession driving my car along country roads. That’s where I feel like most of my thoughts come together. I require a certain amount of time alone with my ideas; I pull over, sketch and write them down. In my car is where I can focus best. That’s why I originally moved here.”

Hudsonvoods8White Pike Whiskey Burdett, NY: White Pike is a clear, white whiskey – aged for just a short time. It’s farmed, distilled and bottled in upstate New York, using locally-sourced corn, spelt, and malted wheat. The smooth finish lets it play well with others from sun up to sun down. Distilled to give cocktails a backbone, it’s a modern whiskey made to mix up your day. We also like it because the folks at Mother, NY created the brand and have among their staff several upstaters.


Production was quite limited this year, but a few bottles are still left at the Whisper store.

Ravenwood Maple Syrup Olivebridge, NY: No Upstate collection would be complete without one of its signature products, homemade maple syrup. This beautiful product was produced and bottled by our friends at Ravenwood, who explore the integration of agriculture, culinary arts and the local makers movement – all staples of NY state’s rich history, and each thriving today. With backgrounds in a range of fields in the food and design world, Chris Lanier and Dana McClure aim to create a space that celebrates New York’s distinct seasonality.


Olive Melange With Natural Deerskin Full Glove {Left}
Black Melange Ragg Wool Beanie {Middle}
Charcoal Melange Fingerless Ragg Wool Gloves {Right}

Upstate Stock: Upstate Stock is a New York city based American heritage accessories and knitwear brand that manufactures their goods in Upstate New York. Upstate Stock was born out of simple fact that American manufacturing of the highest quality is still out there, the same manufacturing from decades ago that is at a standard that very few countries can match.


Upstate Diary Highland, NY: Photographer and editor/curator Kate Orne digs deep into the creative landscape of the area and produces an alt take on the “at home” with artists, actors, and professional creatives in their rural environments. Beautifully photographed, the stories are accompanied by interviews that are personal and unpretentious. While reading, one forgets how famous and influential these subjects are. Both in print and online Upstate Diary is the definitive publication which features and promotes its creators and ways of living.

About Hudson Woods

The team behind Hudson Woods is the Manhattan firm Lang Architecture, dedicated to elevating experience in daily life, pushing the boundaries of the built environment and empowering sustainable living. And while we take that mission quite seriously, we’ve also had an amazing time being immersed the Hudson Valley, looking for excellent design and craftsmanship, engaging a community of exceptional tradesmen, makers, artisans and growers. The project has made us devotees of the region and propagandists for all that it has to offer.

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