The Burning of Kingston: 238 Years Later

  |  October 12, 2015

History buffs and New York residents rejoice, for this weekend is the return of the commemoration of the Burning of Kingston, right here in the first capital of our beloved state. For those of you that may not know, the Burning of Kingston is a reenactment of the original burning, which occurred in October 1777. In the midst of revolutionary fervor, British Troops reacted the way any sore loser would after the Battle of Saratoga: burning down an entire city. Historical satire aside, the Burning of Kingston celebrates the resilience of the Colonists against the king and his troops by means of a weekend-long event. The activities, free and open to the public, begin Friday afternoon with a reception at the Hudson River Maritime Museum’s courtyard.


Keep your eyes peeled for this sign (and any disgruntled Redcoats)

Throughout the weekend check out colonial street battles, British military camps, exhibits, and historical recreations. Take advantage of the opportunity to tour original colonial-era stone houses and then dance at a costume ball. On top of all the fun things included in the weekend, there is the lovely city of Kingston, 2015 edition, to peruse. Full of shops, arts, food, and drinks, Kingston ain’t half bad to visit anytime of year. Plus, if you take the plunge into some 18th century garb, select businesses will be offering discounts to patrons. Another upside of this weekend: the Fall weather is perfect.

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