3 Things We Love About Liberty NY

  |  October 4, 2017

Floyd and Bobo’s Bakery via FB

Recently, I went driving around the Catskills and stopped in Liberty. The Sullivan County village, pop. 4392, is situated in the Borscht Belt and is home to Grossinger’s, an abandoned Catskills resort upon which I may or may not have trespassed once or twice in my life.

Liberty village has certainly seen bubblier days. Its empty storefronts tell the tale, but they don’t tell the full story. Neither will I, but I can tell you that while I was in town, I stopped into Floyd and Bobo’s Bakery located on Main Street. There, I had – hands down – the best piece of carrot cake I’ve ever had. It’s not an exaggeration.

I am a bakery snob. Wherever I go, whichever new town I explore in the Hudson Valley/Catskills, the first place I go is the bakery. Bonus points if it’s one of those old-fashioned family-owned Italian bakeries, like my favorite one located in Troy, NY. Sometimes, the bakeries are good, like this one in Nyack NY. Sometimes, they’re not so good, and those shall remain nameless. But, as far as carrot cake is concerned, Floyd and Bobo’s have it nailed. Owner Ellen Marino is also gregarious and eager to share cool deets about her hometown, like the fact that a famous performer and writer from the Borscht Belt days lives in Liberty and frequents the bakery.

So, there’s one thing to love about Liberty: Floyd and Bobo’s Bakery on Main Street.

Here’s another one: Town and Country Antiques just down the street from the bakery. It’s more than just an antique store. It’s a museum of odds and ends in a store that seems to have an infinite number rooms full of stuff. I was sure if kept walking toward the back, I would eventually find myself in Narnia.

And, finally, the third thing we love about Liberty: This fixer-upper Mid-Century Modern located just a few blocks off of Liberty’s main drag.

With four bedrooms, four baths, and 3276 square feet of space, there’s a whole lotta house here to renovate. Can you imagine, however, what it will look like with a 1960s-inspired refurbishment? Includes impressive stone facade, walls of glass, stone floors, cathedral ceilings, and master bedroom with four closets. So much room for all of your caftans! Every room leads to a private deck. Sits on a .72-acre property approximately 15 minutes north of Monticello.

Interested? It’s listing for $198K through Malek Properties. Visit the listing here. Meanwhile, consider planning a trip up to Liberty NY. While you’re in town, stop by Floyd and Bobo’s for some cake, coffee, and a story. Tell them we sent you.

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