The Low-Cost, 3D Printed House that Science Built

  |  March 14, 2018
3D printed houses


For less than the cost of a used Ford Fusion, you could live in a 3D printed house created by SCIENCE!

According to this piece in, Silicon Valley-based company New Story, together with ICON start-up studio, wants to bring 3-D printed homes into the mainstream. The non-profit organization previously created low-cost, 3D printed homes in Haiti and El Salvador. Currently, it costs around $4,000 to print a house. However, the company predicts that in the future, the price-point will drop to $3,500.

Printing a 3D house takes 24 to 48 hours to construct, depending on the size. Furthermore, the equipment is portable, making it easily-transportable to rural locations. And, it’s durable and requires little manpower to operate. As for the cost of the 3D printer itself? According to New Story, they hope to eventually make the printer – which would print around 1,000 homes – available for $100K or less. Meanwhile, try finding a house that cheap anywhere south of Ulster/Dutchess that doesn’t need a ton of work.

What intrigues us about this venture is that it’s aimed at providing low-cost housing. Other 3D printed homes have been too expensive for anyone not already rolling in cash, making it inaccessible to those who truly need it. Are 3D printed houses the wave of the future? Why not? If we can print a body part, why not an affordable home?

Family outside of their home in Nuevo Cuzcatlan, El Salvador. Photo by Adam Mason via

Check out more photos and additional information about low-cost, 3D printed houses on New Story’s website

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