4 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options: In Pursuit of a Healthy Home Foster Flooring Provides Many Options

  |  April 10, 2018

If your quest is to live in a home free of toxic emissions and harmful environmental repercussions, Foster Flooring features an extensive department of ecologically-safe options for your flooring needs. With benefits encompassing completely renewable, recyclable and biodegradable resources, these products are hypoallergenic, durable and resilient to give you long-term value. Sustainable flooring choices include cork, bamboo, hardwood, porcelain tile, classic linoleum, sisal, and wool carpeting, from some of the world’s most recognized and conscientious manufacturers.

Foster Flooring is generous with its professional guidance to help you solve all of your application challenges. And, once you decide on the perfect product, Foster also has a full staff of skilled specialists who can assist you with meticulous, expert installation to assure complete satisfaction, even if you plan to do it yourself.

Located in northern Dutchess County village of Staatsburg, just south of Rhinebeck, New York, this 8,000 square foot gallery is only a stone’s throw from the historic Mills Mansion on the Hudson River.

Bamboo Flooring

eco-friendly flooring

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo has enjoyed its fair share of limelight in recent years, with a surge of products from cutting boards to silverware to flooring popping up on the market. And rightly so, bamboo is as durable and strong as oak or maple but twice as renewable. Since bamboo is technically a grass, it grows much more quickly than wood, taking only about three to five years to fully mature, compared to 20 to 120 years for hardwood trees to fully mature. Furthermore, bamboo possesses a rhizome root system which regenerates new growth without the need to replant, preventing erosion of soil in the process, making it the ultimate renewable resource. When grown in its natural environment, bamboo thrives without irrigation, needs no pesticides since it has few predators and requires no fertilizer. Bamboo flooring makes an excellent green-conscious choice for any living environment.

Cork Flooring

eco-friendly flooring

Cork flooring

Cork has long been used in consumer products from wine stoppers to bulletin boards, but more recently it has come on the scene as an eco-friendly flooring option. Made from bark, this renewable material is moisture-proof, resilient, pliable, and buoyant. With natural insect- and scratch-resistance and fire-retardant properties, cork is a low-maintenance and enduring green flooring option for any environment in your home. Its elasticity can even help prevent shattering of glass and other fragile objects, making it a great choice for the kitchen.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

eco-friendly flooring

Wood-look porcelain tile

What exactly is the difference between porcelain and ceramic? Porcelain is fired at a much higher temperature making it significantly stronger…in fact, even stronger than stone flooring like granite. Its polished finish offers an elegant aesthetic while being resistant to staining and mold, fungus, or bacterial growth. Porcelain flooring, made with natural clay, is easy to clean with just water and doesn’t emit gaseous pollutants, creating a beautiful, healthy home for you and your family. While many people have one specific image of tile in their heads, porcelain is actually highly customizable and comes in many finishes and styles from a solid color to a stone or wood imitation look.

Linoleum Flooring

eco-friendly flooring

Renewable linoleum flooring

The word linoleum literally comes from the root words for linseed and oil. Once upon a time, before petroleum-based synthetics hit the market, linoleum was a renewable flooring material made from flax, linseed oil, wood flour, cork dust, rosin, limestone, and jute. Foster Flooring continues to offer true, classic linoleum flooring. Aside from being noticeably more beautiful and sustainable than its plastic-based counterpart, classic linoleum is highly durable and hypoallergenic. Foster’s also offers this product in a variety of colors and styles, which can be sampled in the 8,000-square-foot showroom in Staatsburg, NY.

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