5 Ways to Meet People in Your New Neighborhood

  |  August 7, 2018

One thing that may weigh on your mind when you move to a new town—or just a new living community—is how you’ll meet people. We have five tips to help you break through that wall.

Join a sport or fitness class.

Town team sports are available for practically any age group, or you can go to private gym classes, like spinning or yoga. By going regularly, you’ll see the same people and naturally develop rapport. Even better is if your condo community has a gym of its own—you’ll meet people who live right near you.

Find out about local happenings.

Signup for newsletters from magazines like Hudson Valley magazine and tourism agencies like Dutchess Tourism. A lot of cultural events will be free, including art exhibits and concerts in the park. With apps like Nextdoor, you can connect with people in your neighborhood to hear about the latest news, from get-togethers to politics.

Use online “dating” for friendships.

Apps like Meetup, where you can join or create an event, and Meet My Dog, which puts you in touch with nearby dog owners and dog parks, help you connect with people who love the things you love.

Go to places where people usually go alone.

Head to a coffee shop and bring a popular book that will act as a conversation starter, or sign up for a continuing education class to learn a new skill.

Take advantage of your home base.

Certain residential communities are ideally suited for meeting new people, especially condo and townhouse living. At Overlook Pointe, amenities like a billiards room, shared kitchens, swimming pool and tennis courts make it easy to chat, connect and strike up a new friendship.

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