A Fixer-Upper Close to Windham for $119K

  |  May 13, 2023

Five-figure homes are hard to come by in the Hudson Valley lately, so here’s a Fix-it-Up-Friday pick in Greene County, just seven minutes from Windham Mountain ski resort.

It was built in 1819, at the end of the popular Federal architectural period. The facade reflects that Federal style, with what looks like a newer center porch sporting a sunburst design on the gable.

The entry and living room have been freshly painted a buttery color. The flooring in here is white ceramic tile that needs an update. But check out the staircase: Although it’s in obvious need of repair, we love that dogleg style.

The living room’s picture window adds a lot of light to the space.

The kitchen shares an open-concept idea with the living room. This space has great potential. Modern, steel-gray cabinets kind of compete with that old-fashioned ceiling light fixture and the traditional, furniture-style center island (it looks like that sheet is covering the older cabinets). A red tiled column backs up the wall behind a woodstove between the kitchen and living room.

The house encompasses 1,412 square feet and has four bedrooms and one and a half baths. Just three bedrooms are pictured in the listing. This one is small, with a somewhat grungy-looking carpet and wood paneling.

This room is bigger and brighter, with the same angled ceiling as the first bedroom and a few smaller windows set under the eaves. The original wood floor is exposed here and probably just needs a good refinish.

The flat ceiling in this bedroom leads us to believe it is a first-floor bedroom. It’s in better shape than the other two, with pristine-looking wood paneling (if that’s your jam). It’s a shame that long curtain isn’t pulled back, so we could see if it’s covering a large or smaller window. None of the bathrooms are pictured in the listing.

The house is on a half-acre in a picturesque mountain setting. If this fixer-upper brings out the handyman in you, find out more about 12308 State Highway 23, Ashland, from Rebecca Kane of Keller Williams Hudson Valley.

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