A Three-Bedroom That’s Close to Woodstock and Hunter Mountain for $95K

  |  December 16, 2022

Tannersville, the “Painted Village in the Sky” within the town of Hunter, is our focus of today’s Five-Figure Friday.

This three-bedroom fixer-upper looks like a bargain from the outside, with traditional white clapboard siding and a portico above the front door.

The 1,368-sqiare-foot interior, though, tells another story.

There’s no useable well, and a new septic system is needed. It’s difficult to suss out the original function of each of these rooms. Was this a kitchen? The living room?

This room was probably used for entertaining, with this extant bar.

The quaint wallpaper and precise wall tile show the home was loved at one time. But the crumbling floor loops us back to reality.

This staircase looks solid; it may just need to be refinished.

Everything in this room, except for the window, probably needs to be demolished and replaced.

This room looks like some repairs were begun. There’s a built-in closet, too.

The listing includes this image of a cute little cottage, but doesn’t explain its use. The property totals about a third of an acre. It’s only 10 minutes to Hunter Mountain, and 15 minutes away from Woodstock.

If this cottage beckons the handyman in you, check out 1629 Platte Clove Road, Tannersville, with Philippe Uhrik of Win Morrison Realty.

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