A Traditional Farmhouse in Hancock for $69K

  |  May 13, 2022

With the real-estate market still in a post-COVID boom, finding a solid home under $100K seems like a pipe dream. But this house in Hancock, a Delaware County village situated at the confluence of the East and West branches of the Delaware River, comes in at $69,000.

The house is small—just 850 square feet—but it’s on the main drag of Hancock, a fun little village that’s been a fishermen’s favorite for decades and is just starting to be noticed by the artsy second-home crowd.

The traditional farmhouse design begins at the front porch, which wraps all the way around the house to connect with a similar-sized back porch.

Inside, the decor is definitely cabinesque, with floors that were redone in 2020 and lots of wood and stone accents…

…like this fieldstone fireplace that’s original to the house’s 1900 build. Those stairs to the left of the fireplace look interesting—but we’ll get back to that in a minute.

The dining room has more of the knotty-pine paneling, built-in shelving, and a pieced-granite pass-through from the kitchen.

That is one funky door in the dining room.

The kitchen itself is quite tiny, but has room for a full gas range, full-size refrigerator, and compact corner sink. Oh, and there’s lots (and lots) of knotty pine here, too.

Those steps we saw earlier? They climb up and curve around to the second floor, where you’ll find three bedrooms and a full bath. Check out that varnished-branch handrail!

The bedrooms feature (you guessed it) knotty pine. Big windows brighten up the space. The house has municipal water and sewer, and looks to be in okay shape. So why is the price so low? There’s no heat, which could make getting a mortgage tricky. Currently, space heaters keep the place toasty. Potential buyers would be wise to figure in the cost of adding a heating system before they make an offer.

Although it is on one of Hancock’s main streets, the property stretches to 0.89 acres, with mountain views, woods, and more neat country touches like the stacked stone outdoor fireplace.

Hankering for a little house on a hill? Check out 523 East Front Street, Hancock, with Christopher Gross of Upper Delaware Real Estate.

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