A Weekend in the Woods (Bethel Woods, that is)

  |  July 23, 2015
Bethel 6

Price/night: $325
Accommodations: Lake View, A/C, Washing Machine, Wood Stove and more
Max guests: 8
Min stay: 2-4 nights

House description:
Sullivan County doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, so if this chic, contemporary villa overlooking Swan Lake in Bethel isn’t enough to make weekenders double take I don’t know what will. If you and 7 of your friends (or, maybe, just you and your partner) plan on spending a night up at Bethel Woods this summer, this rental is perfect for turning it into a long weekend. In addition to the music and arts venue, Bethel is historically known for being home to the original Woodstock Festival. The town maintains a quaint, quiet locale while simultaneously coming alive on nights when there are either big country concerts or small art viewings up the hill. If it’s not too late, this weekend you can see Brad Paisley on Friday night, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett on Saturday night and then spend Sunday poolside. Take me with you, please.

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