A Weekend to Play “Queen of the Catskills”

  |  September 3, 2015
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Price/night: $120
Accommodations: 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath bungalow
Max guests: 4
Min stay: 2 nights

Up, up and away in the mountains overlooking the Pepacton Reservoir sits this cozy bungalow for four. In a pleasant shade of moss green with brown trim, you’d almost miss it, camouflaged among the summer greens. In keeping with the theme of mountain views, this bungalow seems the perfect pick for gazing out upon the newly turning trees and pretending to be queen (or king) of all the light touches. When not busy reigning over your new kingdom, hiking, biking, fishing and swimming are all within reach, so it’s only a matter of deciding which you’d prefer to pack into the weekend. Plattekill and Bellearye are equally accessible and have activities for each season. Before spending the night in front of a campfire, head into Andes and have dinner at Two Old Tarts because, come on, that name is attention grabbing enough. The hosts of the bungalow also provide an array of maps of the area and a collection of board games. Nice digs aside, nice hosts are even better.

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