A Winter for the Books, a City for the Ages


It would be an understatement to say that the winter of 2015 was a season that many us were more than enthusiastic to finally say good-bye to.  In fact, one more incident of bone chilling bitter temperatures and record snowfalls, and I would have accused Mother Nature of outright abuse.  But with that, there was a silver lining (or was that just frost around my camera lens) in making this a winter to cherish as I captured some of the most vibrant and visceral seasonal images all around the ‘Burgh. Because it seems that when you pair a beautiful Victorian or a historic rowhouse with a garnish of winter white, something wonderful happens. All of that “I can’t stand one more day of this” feeling gets replaced with a realization of just how good it is to be alive. When you “freeze-frame” (no pun intended) a vivid moment, it allows one to stop and notice that there is undeniable beauty along the streets of the city. In fact, its harder edges seem to get tempered by a brilliant snowfall, and streets lined with a variety of classic architecture ranging from needy to magnificent become exhibit-worthy urban masterpieces.  So even though it may have been a winter for the books, take the time to stroll with me on this pictorial journey showcasing Newburgh’s path to revitalization as it re-establishes itself as a “City for the Ages!”

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About Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo — Brooklyn born, in a day when backyard clothes lines were vogue, a trip to Coney Island was literally "a day at the beach" and pasta was more at home being called "macaroni" — combines an old-school perspective to a new-energy audience with his passion for revitalization. A "tongue-in-cheek bucket list wish" to follow a love of Downtown Brooklyn row houses allowed him to affordably fulfill that dream recently in historic Newburgh. It also fueled a fire to visually tell the tale of this little city that could, with photos and comfy narratives in his blog Newburgh on the RISE. He brings Upstater readers some of the best of THE BURGH from RISE, in the hope to entertain and lead readers to fall in love with a Hudson Valley gem that deserves to be polished by our affection and respect.

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