Accord 19th Century Church, $95,001

  |  October 24, 2014
12 bone hollow road accord ny

This isn’t the first time we’ve posted about this church in Accord. In fact, it’s probably not the second time, either. It’s been floating around the market for a couple of years now, hovering around the $100,000 range. We’d love to see the inside. Alas, the only photo of the interior is of the embossed tin ceiling, but we don’t need tons of photos to see that the church is rough. It needs love. Someone love this church and turn it into the coolest house on the block. Pretty please? Oh, but also, there’s no septic or well. And it doesn’t seem to come with an outhouse, like this one. Located on less than an acre on a rural road in Ulster County.

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Square Feet: 1650

Lot Size: .76 acres

Taxes: $1660

12 Bone Hollow Road, Accord (Teran Realty) GMAP

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