Affordable Barn Conversion in Pleasant Valley, $259,900

  |  March 31, 2015
158 tinkertown rd pleasant valley8

It may not be obvious on the outset, but this converted barn is old. Very old. In fact, it was built in 1786, and if you take a closer look, you can see hints of its antiquity in the wide plank flooring, original beams peeking out here and there, and the doors. The ceilings on the first floor look low, while the second floor ceilings seem much higher thanks to the peaked roof. According to the listing, the downstairs is getting a paintjob. Property is situated on an acre of land in central Dutchess County close to the Taconic Parkway, which could make a good option for a buyer looking at second homes. Google Maps puts the house less than 90 minutes from Manhattan. Not too shabby. Take a moment to check out the Streetview. The photos that come with the listing don’t do the exterior of the house many favors, but it looks a lot more attractive in (virtual) person.

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