Affordable Colonial in Newburgh, $70,000

  |  April 13, 2015
14 elm street newburgh ny


Here’s a Newburgh beauty tucked away on a residential side street several blocks away from the waterfront. Love the flooring in particular, but the kitchen and a few other things here might need updating. The wide plank floors, however, are just fine by us, as well as the hand-tiled stairs and a smattering of exposed brick here and there. Not a bad lot size, .14 acre, considering that most in the city are smaller than a postage stamp. It’s tough to argue with $42/square feet, especially if you’re used to renting. Just don’t get too excited until you see the property taxes on this five-figure home. Note: This property is listed as a short-sale.


14 elm street newburgh ny2

14 elm street newburgh ny4

14 elm street newburgh ny5 14 elm street newburgh ny6

Beds: 3

Baths: 1

Square Feet: 1670

Lot Size: .14 acres

Taxes: $5847

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