Affordable Grand Victorian on Middletown’s Highland Avenue, $249,900

  |  January 5, 2016
37 highland ave middletown ny

The Orange County city of Middletown feels like it has so much potential. In spite of a number of downtrodden neighborhoods that were unfortunate byproducts of economic hard times, Middletown has actually seen an increase in its population since 2000. Further, there are employment opportunities in Middletown, like SUNY Orange, Touro College of Orthopedic Medicine, and the Times-Herald Record newspaper (yes, we know. The newspaper biz is circling the drain, we’ve heard it a thousand times. And yet, newspapers somehow endure), and, let’s face it, the availability local employment isn’t one of the Hudson Valley/Catskills’ strongest selling points.

One of Middletown’s nicer neighborhoods is on Highland Avenue, which is populated with some glorious old Victorian homes like the one depicted here. It’s in great shape, especially for the modest price ($58/square foot! Them’s Catskills prices!), and includes a whopping 6 bedrooms and 4300 square feet of space, wood floors, pocket doors (our favorite), double parlors, formal dining room, everything you need to get your Victorian on, as the kids like to say.

Located 90 minutes from NYC.

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37 Highland Avenue, Middletown (iRealty)

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