Amazing Technicolor Dream Ranch in Pawling, $349,000

  |  March 4, 2015
417 w dover rd pawling

Tired of plain old wood tones? Can’t decide which bold color to put on your interior walls? Why choose? Include a bunch of colors, like this breath of fresh air property out in the town of Pawling. When you walk into the entryway – which we absolutely love, by the way – you get some cool, soothing blue. Head into the living room for dramatic mauve. Sashay into the dining room for cheerful periwinkle. Saunter into the kitchen for crisp white. You get the idea. Speaking of the kitchen, it includes plenty of storage space (yay!!) and a pro gas range (double yay!!). Home also comes with radiant heat flooring, a master bedroom with all kinds of built-in drawers and cabinets, and 2 acres of land with hills and rural land all around. Is it mid-mod enough? Heck yes, enough for us, anyway, considering the big windows, living room fireplace, high ceilings in the kitchen, and the year it was built, 1965. This house brought a much-needed smile to our faces after yet another snow/sleet storm. Thanks, house!

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417 West Dover Road, Pawling (Gillian Stewart Realty) GMAP

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