An Adorable Catskills Bungalow for an Adorable Person, $35,000

  |  August 28, 2015

5 elm rd wurtsboro ny2And by “adorable person,” we also mean an adorable family, and one that really likes each other a lot because this adorable bungalow is only 659 sq. ft. Set up as a seasonal in a small residential area just north of Wurstboro (Sullivan Co.), this bungalow has the cute angle cornered with pastel ceilings taken straight from a 1970s Godspell set (we’re just kidding about that), kitchenette, and 3 bedrooms – quite a feat with only 659 sq. ft. to work with. The backyard is fenced and just as cute as the rest of the place. Located in what appears to be a small bungalow colony near a cluster of lake communities situated around Yankee Lake, Masten Lake, Wanaksink Lake, and Lake Louise Marie. The listing does not specify if it’s a cash-only deal, but we’d bet our cutest bottom dollar that it is. Okay, all together on the count of 3…2…1…D’AWWWW.

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5 Elm Road, Wurtsboro (Keller Williams)

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