An Architectural Tour of Newburgh, By Bus

  |  September 10, 2013
Newburgh Gothic Mansion

We’ve been thinking for eons now about real estate tours of upstate New York — loading tens of you interested parties into a bus and touring you through the beauty of the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, stopping at the best restaurants and showing you the cream of the for sale crop. (By the way — drop us a line if you wanna do that sometime.)

Seeing as we haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, we suggest you look into another option: an architectural tour, by bus, of Newburgh, designed to entice folks to move there or to show the newcomers the good side of the city they’ve joined. (Lord knows there’s been plenty of coverage about the bad). The event is Saturday, Sept. 21.

Here’s more:

“While a potential model for the small walkable city of the 21st century, Newburgh’s roots go back to 1609 when Henry Hudson spotted the verdant setting above the River. A bus tour is the ideal way to orient yourself to the city. Return later to visit Washington’s Headquarters, the Karpeles Museum, and the Crawford House. Tour includes buildings influenced by Andrew Jackson Downing and designed by Calvert Vaux, Frederick Clarke Withers, and A. J. Davis, as well as the Colonial Terraces Design District.

Escorted 90 minute bus tour & lecture of the architectural treasures in Newburgh’s Historic District will feature exclusive cameo presentations by local leaders, residents and experts on Newburgh’s history and architecture.

Sponsored by Newburgh for Newcomers. $15.00 Reservation necessary by September 12th. Register & pay online at”

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