An Upstate Plant for Apple?

  |  December 18, 2012

Flickr/creative commons/Thomas Brownwell

Not to get your hopes up or anything, but we thought we’d pass along this bit of news from Computerworld: Apple may be eyeing some property in upstate New York for a new factory. “If you read between the lines of comments New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made last week, you could infer that Apple is eying a site in upstate New York for a manufacturing plant that would allow it to wean itself from Samsung.”

So, no official announcement, but Cuomo has been trying to lure high-tech to upstate, and we love the idea (assuming that it won’t, you know, pollute the water and such). Because, as we all know, upstate needs jobs, and what prevents many downstaters from relocating is the lack of them.

Where do you think would be the best spot for an Apple factory? There needs to be enough density to find good workers, but low taxes, plentiful and affordable commercial real estate, and maybe a little something in the transportation department.

We’d love to see something like this in Sullivan County. What about you?

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