Appealing Fixer-Upper Bungalow in Middletown, $34,900

  |  May 27, 2016
16 S Railroad Ave Middletown ny

Is this the cutest fixer-upper in Orange County? It’s quite possible, and we looked at more than a few. Sold as-is, this bungalow originally built in the 1880s needs to be stripped down and beautified within and without. There are some good raw materials here to work with, however, such as a rocking chair porch, hardwood floors, original woodworking, recessed windows, and spacious kitchen area that needs renovating. And, it looks like work had already begun on removing the ceiling tiles. Good riddance to those. Finish the job, and turn this into a cupcake of a home.

Includes 3 beds/1 bath, 1100 square feet, and a location on a residential neighborhood in Middletown city, close to schools and businesses, as well as I-84 and Route 17 in Orange County. Sits on a .14 acre plot with not a ton of privacy, but the good news is, you can drive a few miles out of town from here and find yourself in Bear Mountain Park, or Minnewaska State Park, or on the shores of the Hudson River.

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16 S Railroad Avenue, Middletown (ERA 1st Independent Realty)

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