Let’s Go Bowling in Margaretville

  |  January 8, 2018

No, it’s not the title of the latest Wes Anderson film.

A night out bowling in the Catskill Mountains does sound like the plot to it, too. But, we’re referring to the Ark Bowl & BBQ in the Delaware County village of Margaretville.

Formerly the Margaretville Bowl, the Ark Bowl recently fell under new management and currently hosts league bowling. According to a recent article in the Catskill Mountain News, Ark Bowl’s new owner Paul W. Collyer plans to renovate the space. He also plans to include a bar, restaurant, movies, and live music to the Ark’s list of a fun things to do in Margaretville.

Located on the cusp of Ulster and Delaware Counties, Margaretville’s nearby neighbors include Belleayre Mountain and the Pepacton Reservoir, making it a go-to area for outdoor recreation. Folks don’t exactly flock to the village its evening entertainment, so the prospect of a live music venue/eatery/bowling alley sounds promising. 

Meanwhile, we can’t help but wonder if this is part of a Margaretville resurgence. It looks like this art deco theater in the village is now sold. What’s in store for that property? If any feisty Catskills village deserves it, it’s Margaretville, so let’s go bowling and make a night of it.

The Ark Bowl & BBQ is set to open to the general public in spring/early summer 2018. Find them on Facebook.

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