Artists’ Lofts Coming to Kingston

  |  May 31, 2012

Well, it’s still in the incubation phase, but the Rural Ulster Preservation Company, or RUPCO, wants to turn an abandoned turn of the century building into artists’ lofts in the midtown Kingston area. ” It could soon be renovated into a into a 55 unit loft-style artist housing complex with as many as eight working studios,” reports YNN.

The building has a lot going for it: exposed brick, 14-foot windows, 22-foot ceilings. They plan to add balconies and mezzanines. They estimate that the renovation will cost $15 million, and some of the units will be low-income housing (they do plan to get some tax credits for supplying affordable housing and for renovating historic property). Seems like a great idea to us. Estimated arrival: 2014.


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