How Technology is Changing Condo and Co-op Associations for the Better

  |  August 17, 2021

Let’s face it. If you’re a board member of a condo or co-op association, chances are you’ve already got a lot on your plate—from keeping up with your day-job to managing your kids’ extracurriculars to all the errands in between. Add to that attending board meetings, participating in trainings, and overseeing the association’s finances, maintenance schedules, and vendors, and it can be a lot to manage all on your own.

That’s why more and more condo and co-op associations are turning to the latest tech solutions to help them make more efficient use of their time. Associa New York, a branch of national community and property management company Associa, is at the forefront of providing innovative technologies for  the communities it manages in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Below are four ways Associa is using its all-in-one community management app, TownSq, to make it easier than ever for condo and co-op associations to manage their communities.

Keeping Community Members Up to Date

Printing flyers and scheduling in-person community meetings are a thing of the past with TownSq. Board members can broadcast relevant news and events to their community members through the app, ensuring they stay up to date with the latest announcements. They can also create their own community website, send and receive secure messages to individual residents, and communicate with the management team.

Increasing Accessibility

TownSq also provides an array of services on the go. It allows board members to set up easy rental booking processes for the community’s shared amenities, as well as enable push notifications for upcoming events, package deliveries, and visitor notifications.

Managing Finances and Important Documents

It’s all about the cloud now. With TownSq’s secure platform, homeowners can pay their dues right from the app! Board members also have access to important community documents and comprehensive financial reporting, and they can even create work orders and send payments to the community’s many vendors.

Providing Virtual Education

With TownSq, the association’s members can access trainings and educational content anywhere, anytime. Trainings for board members can now be done via webinars that you can access right on your phone. Residents also have access to an array of educational content from Associa like landscaping tips and tricks or cooking classes—all at their fingertips.

The TownSq app is available for both the communities Associa manages and as a freestanding service for self-managed communities through Associa. To learn more about all of Associa’s services, visit

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