Heads Up, Goths: This Athens Cemeterykeeper’s House is Calling You for $249K

  |  November 30, 2020

This Athens Italianate stands guard over the Greene County village’s historic cemetery, and now, you can, too. 

When it comes to old cemeteries, the Venn Diagram of history enthusiasts and death enthusiasts presents considerable overlap. If you dwell right in the middle of that oval, this c.1890s Victorian with a c.2016 renovation could right in your sweet spot. And, the listing price won’t give you sticker shock, either.

athens italianate

First thing’s first: This is the Athens village cemetery’s caretakers house, sitting right in the center of the sprawling graveyard. Expect things to be quiet at night, given that your nearest neighbors are headstones, ensconced in stony silence. Meanwhile, the home’s 1,400-square-foot interior boasts a bright and open scheme, with original touches like a stained glass front door and wood floors…

athens italianate

…as well as renovations like a new electric heating system, insulated roof, windows, new kitchen, and baths.

There are three bedrooms here, plus one full and one half-bath…

…and, while the lot itself is small at under a quarter-acre, we’re sure your neighbors won’t mind if you take your daily constitutionals around the adjoining grounds, nor will they mind the occasional backyard cookout on the rear patio. From here, the rest of Athens village, including the Hudson River, is just a short walk away.

athens italianate


One of our favorite features of this property is its affordability, something that’s growing harder to find in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, thanks to its ever-growing popularity. If your desires are just a wee fatter than your wallet, stay with Upstater this week for more homes for sale for less than $250K.. And, fear not: This is the only one this week that comes with its own cemetery.

athens italianate


Dying to get your hands on this Athens Italianate? Find out more about 24 Market Street, Athens, NY from Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc

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