Basilica Farm & Flea on an Empty Stomach

  |  November 17, 2015

As soon as I catch wind of a market/festival of any kind, my first thought is, “What are they going to have to eat?” It’s my weakness. I do it every time I go to a new town, too. The car hasn’t even come to a full stop yet before I’m already trying to find the local bakery.

Needless to say, I’m already scouring the vendor list for the Basilica Farm & Flea on Friday, November 27 – Sunday, November 29 at the Basilica in Hudson. In the spirit of appreciating the little guy, I plan to do some shopping at the Farm & Flea. I also plan to do some eating. If not there, then when I get home with four bags of random food items I found myself unable to resist upon arrival. Here are a few that I’m sure will wind up in my haul:

Rockerbox Spice Co.: I’m a long-time vegetarian, so I lean heavily on herbs and spices in my cooking (as opposed to letting the meat flavor the meal). And dried herbs are just fine by me, especially if they’re the real deal free of fillers. That’s the claim Rockerbox makes with their garlic and onion “dusts” (more like faerie dust to me) and powers.

Chaseholm Farm Creamery: It’s cheese, you guys. Do I need to spell it out for ya?

The Ardent Homesteader: Small-batch salted caramel sauce made in the hamlet of Arden over yonder in Orange County. There’s nothing I love more than falling into a salty-sweet loop, so this one might be coming home with me to live on top of my vanilla ice cream. Until I eat it.

See all the multitudinous vendors on the Basilica Farm & Flea website. The Basilica is located at 110 North Front Street, Hudson (GMAP).

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