Because Nothing Says “I Do” Like a Cuppa

  |  March 10, 2015

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This week, in our ongoing search for the next big Upstate Innovation, we bring you to the city of Kingston, where small business owners Gabe Cicale and Kathy Nealis are taking the role of the neighborhood coffee shop to a whole new level.

Some of our favorite java joints have evolved into dual-function community centers in their own right by holding open mic nights, book signings, and latte art throw-downs, but Monkey Joe Roasting Co. on Broadway is taking the notion of a full-service coffee shop one step further this weekend by hosting their first ever wedding ceremony. Proprietors Gabe and Kathy were approached by the bride-to-be and her groom last year about holding the wedding on MJ’s cozy, hazelnut-scented premises, and the owners agreed instantly. The couple, currently residing in Virginia, picked the venue because they frequented the shop during their years at Kingston High School and still gravitate to the spot like under-caffeinated moths to the flame whenever they come back to the area for a visit.

This level of attachment to a coffee shop may seem odd to those who have never stepped foot in MJ, but we have heard stories of this simian-themed café’s army of loyal fans, and we’re sure the soon-to-be-wed couple is not the first to imagine themselves reciting vows surrounded by loved ones, aromatic beans, and ape-related paraphernalia. They are, however, the first couple to actually attempt it. We’re picturing the MOST ENERGETIC WEDDING EVER, and a mad scramble to the bathroom as soon as the “I Do’s” are done. What’s more, the story of Kingston’s coffee shop ceremony has piqued our curiosity, and now we’re wondering what other unusual and unexpected upstate locations our readers have chosen for their previous/upcoming weddings. Tell us your unique “I Do” story here and we’ll share it on the site!


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