Behind the Design of Fish and Game

  |  April 2, 2013

bread-oven-fish-and-game-hudsonZak Pelaccio’s new restaurant, Fish & Game, is soon to open in Hudson, and some folks with the outfit sent us a link to some renovation photos and architect Michael Davis’s description of his design inspiration, along with details of the building’s history.


“The building, located at 13 South Third Street, started life as a blacksmith and carriage house sometime during the first half of the 19th century. It had been denuded of any period architectural detail by the time we took it on. The brick exterior remained, although it had been re-built and re-configured over the past century and a half. Yet, the little building had undeniable curb appeal had enough charm to suggest that it had once been a place of unselfconscious early-American beauty.


Most recently, the building had been a popular local tea salon and B&B with food service at street level and three bedroom suites on the second floor. There was nothing of the character of the building exterior to be found inside, a series of small rooms marked by low ceilings, oak strip floors, and painted sheet rock walls. The task was clearly to remove this recent past and excavate deeper into the building’s early history. Demolition revealed that there was nothing of the original structure intact with the exception of two brick walls, one on a stone foundation, and very little of it structurally sound.”


Fear not, future patrons: all is well and safe, thanks to some input from local salvage yards and a reconfiguring of the space. Meanwhile, there are purported changes at Davis’s antique/architectural decor shop down the street.

Also, Pelaccio recently gave GC a tour of his adopted city of Hudson, giving patrons plenty of ideas for hanging out in Hudson between courses.

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