Behold the Blue Farmhouse

  |  October 21, 2013

A few weeks back, we found a truly inspiring house in the pages of Dwell: a reinvented Sullivan County farmhouse that had skillfully taken the building modern. Most jaw-dropping was the kitchen and its wall of windows.

So we were thrilled to find that the house’s designer, Tom Givone, has undertaken other projects in the area, taking farm houses from rustic to revived. After the jump, you can see other images of this home he calls the Blue Farmhouse, and elsewhere on his site you can see some of his urban projects, too. We hope he’ll do many more projects and allow us to share them here.


image_133 image_34 image_132 image_21 image_29 image_32 image_27 image_28 image_110 image_24 image_23 image_19 image_17 image_16

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