This Week on Upstater: The Best Hudson Valley Houses of 2017

  |  December 25, 2017

As we send 2017 off into space, a la Spock at the end of ‘Wrath of Kahn’, we’re taking a look back at the best residential real estate listings of the year.

Here’s the twist, however: This isn’t just a list of our favorite properties on the market in 2017. All of the homes featured this week are still on the market, many of them with substantial listing price reductions.

So, if you’re feeling the end of the year blues, coupled with the fact that you have yet to find your dream home in the Hudson Valley or Catskills, this is going to be the week to keep your eyes right here on Upstater.

All week, we’ll be featuring our favorite property posts from 2017, all of which are up for grabs. Who knows? 2018 could be the year you become a homeowner. Help us ring in the New Year, and you just might.

Stay tuned all week long, Upstaters, for the Best Hudson Valley Houses of 2017! Happy New Year!

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