Best Times to Drive to Your Second Home

  |  June 25, 2012


We’ve had a lot of folks asking us to include travel times to the various properties and places we profile here. And the answer is, of course: it depends. Leaving from upper Manhattan can shave up to 45 minutes off your travel time, as opposed to leaving from brownstone Brooklyn. And then there’s traffic.

Some part-time Upstaters we ran into this weekend think they’ve got it pretty well figured out. They come home after work, eat dinner in Brooklyn, and hop in the car around 7PM, arriving at their Greene County pad around 9:30. On Sundays they do the same thing from there, although it takes a little longer to get back, somewhere closer to three hours, unless there’s not a spot of congestion on the BQE.

We tried another variation this weekend, leaving early Saturday morning and returning late Sunday night. But by 8:30AM the Triboro Bridge (oh, excuse us, the RFK bridge) was packed and it was a slow crawl, with traffic on the Bruckner, too. Next weekend, we’ll try a late Friday escape.

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