Book This Mod Eco-Friendly Cottage for the Weekend and Get Two Free Mohonk Preserve Day Passes

  |  May 19, 2016

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Eco Cottage, Spectacular Setting via airbnb

Price/Night: $200

Accommodations: Entire Home

Max Guests: 4

Min Stay: 2 nights

We fully understand how precious weekends are so we’re not going to waste your time. We’ve got the perfect escape and we’re just dying to share it with you. Check out this super mod cottage in Rosendale! What do we love about it? First of all, the building is completely eco-friendly and custom built by the owner. You don’t even have to feel guilty about ditching for the weekend because you’re simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. Talk about multi-tasking! Accessibility is the eco-cottage’s middle name – no cars needed here. The express bus from Port Authority lets you off right around the corner and the home is just a five minute walk to the Mohonk Nature Preserve. And get this! Two all day passes are included with your stay. When it comes to the digs, you’ve heard the saying “pictures are worth a thousand words?” Well we’ve got seven. We’ll let them do the talking.

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OK, we’ll do a little talking. Can we gush about the backyard really quick? The view is drool-worthy and the deck has us completely smitten. We’ve got this feeling that barbecuing on that baby would feel right. Actually, this whole rental feels right. Weekends come and go so quickly. Why not slow them down and make this one to remember? We’ve got a feeling you’ll thank us. Book this dreamy cottage here!

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