Bottoms Up, Kingston


Apparently, Kingston is the drunkest city in New York. We would’ve gone with NYC as the drunkest city in New York, because math. However, the folks over at the blog used other arbitrary data of the “bar/liquor store/winery per capita” variety, plus the divorce rate, then fed those numbers into their Drunkutron 8000 supercomputer, and ding! Kingston comes out the drunkest. Also on the list in the Hudson Valley: Poughkeepsie, Plattsburgh, and Middletown. We enjoyed the Daily Freeman’s determination that “reputable news organization” Road Snacks’ list is click-bait, which we just assume everything on the Internet is. And given the amount of times we saw the list shared on various social media sites, we’d say it worked. Meanwhile, the Freeman also devised a quiz to challenge your knowledge of the Hudson Valley. We scored 100%, which awards us one free Internet for the day. We’ll drink to that!

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