Breathe New Life into the Madison House in Leeds, $900,000

  |  August 19, 2015
1114 main street catskill ny

If we squint a little, we can imagine what the historic Madison House must have looked like back during the turn-of-the-century when it was called, according to the listing, the Old Inn. These days, the inn/motel is a bit outdated, rough around the edges, and listing for around $45/square foot (20,000 sq.ft. total), which makes it perfect for us. The main inn, depicted above, contains 37 rooms (but only 6 baths! Yikes!) while the motel, which is situated behind the inn, is 10 units. By the way, we got most excited about the motel since we can’t help but have visions of a Mid-century Modern or even a Minimalist renovation. There’s a pool, dining hall, and commercial kitchen, too. But wait! There’s more! Property also includes a commercial building with apartments currently rented. Leeds is a small Greene County hamlet located in the town of Catskill situated right off the Thruway, and by right off we mean about 3 mins from the inn to the exit.

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1114 Main Street, Catskill (Premiere Realty Services)

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