Five of Brunette's Favorite Fall Wines

  |  November 5, 2016
brunette wine barbrunette wine barbrunette wine bar

We drink a lot of Cabernet Franc around here. It’s the perfect all-season red. It can be chilled in the summer and served room temp in the winter. One we love is Fabien Jouves’ Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirées. Sometimes we make this recipe of four ingredients: sausage, grapes, lemon and whatever herb is growing in the garden. This wine is that meal in a glass: Warm, fruity, juicy, a tiny bit herbal.

Another Cabernet Franc we love is La Grange Aux Belles’ La Chausée Rouge. There’s a tiny zing on your first sip that will leave the faintest electrical current running through your mind all night long. It’s light, earthy, a little herbal. Pairs perfectly with The Beach Boys’ Little Bird on repeat.

Brignot-Steen’s Freedom of Peach is a Cabernet Sauvignon rosé from Ardèche. We are obsessed with this winemaker. This rosé is pretty wild, a touch off-dry and funky. One sip, and it’s the last night of the fair, and you’re kissing someone behind the cotton candy stand – basically the scene that didn’t make it into The Smiths’ Rusholme Ruffians.

We have a Catalonian Macabeo from Clot de Les Soleres that always brightens our mood – even when it’s rainy and gloomy outside. It’s creamy, fruity and floral. It hits all your 8,000 taste buds to instantly remind you what 75 degrees and sunny tastes like.

We’re always pouring at least one orange wine by the glass.

Pheasant’s Tears, a Georgian Rkatsiteli, is one of the very few wines we’ve been pouring since the day we opened. It’s made in the traditional Georgian winemaking way: The grape juice, stems, and leaves are put into a beeswax-lined clay vessel that is then buried in the ground for fermentation. It’s savory and dry and wild and delicious.


brunette wine bar


No matter the time of day or time of year, we are always gulping down gallons of sparkling rosé. Our latest is a Cerro La Barca Vegas Altas Ancestral. It’s a pét-nat from Spain that tastes like Fall at the ocean: Bright, salty, sunny and zesty.

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