Bungalow Hunting Season Begins

  |  March 12, 2013

Readers, be patient: we are in the midst of our annual roundup of summer bungalow colony rentals and sales (and on the search for the perfect one ourselves, at least for a week in August). In the meantime, hm, another site has taken up the cause and brings you an offer of a $12,000 bungalow. They write:

“Lansmans, a 70-year-old bungalow colony in Woodbourne, NY, has a few units available for sale this summer, and for under 15,000 bucks you get tennis courts, a basketball court, a swimming pool, paddleball courts (???!!!!), a clubhouse and softball fields. And while you might not have the funds to cash in on a second home, this sounds like a nice move to make, considering how much you probably pay per month for a walk-up apartment to which you lost the keys to the fire escape. And they’re also selling single-bedroom units for $4,000, which is also a pretty good deal if you and your buddies don’t mind getting thisclose. Plus, they promise “high quality weekend evening entertainment from around the country,” which, as we all know, means DANCE COMPETITIONS with instructors who may or may not look like Patrick Swayze.”

Well done. We’ll bring you a report on other options soon.

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