Cairo Hamlet Cottage with Recent Updates, $129,900

  |  December 14, 2015
29 jerome avenue cairo ny

Want some new stuff and updates but aren’t interested in paying a fortune for a house? Here’s a modestly-priced home in Cairo hamlet, located 15 minutes northwest of Catskill village. We found ourselves pleasantly surprised by the size of it (4 beds/2 baths, 1500 sq. ft.) considering that it looked smaller on the outside. Also delightful? A brand new kitchen, new floors, new living room pellet stove, new furnace, new washer/dryer, and a roof that’s “newer” (we all know that’s real estate speak for “newer than the old one but older than the really new stuff”). Comes with not one, but two screened-in porches.

The property isn’t situated out in the woods, but Cairo is a sleepy little hamlet on the Shingle Kill surrounded by the beauty of the Catskills on all sides. First home buyers, are you paying attention?

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29 Jerome Avenue, Cairo (Living Structures)

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