Callicoon Casual Village Victorian, $179,900

  |  March 11, 2015
60 fremont st callicoon ny

Not quite as fancy as this morning’s offering, but what it lacks in embellishment and old-fashioned grandeur it more than makes up for with classic good looks at an affordable price. And it’s in the village of Callicoon in Sullivan County, which rates fairly high on the charm meter itself. Nice kitchen renovation and includes both attic and basement. The quarter-acre lot size doesn’t offer much in the way of land, but some people like village living for the convenience of walking places and not suffering through winters in complete isolation. Having lived in the village of Saugerties in Ulster County for the past decade, I can attest to the advantages of being a village dweller, including the fact that the health food store, movie theater, hardware store, and yoga studio are a block away. This property is similarly situated walking distance to several amenities, including restaurants, markets, shops, and the movie theater.

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