Have You Camped in the Catskills with Tentrr Yet?

  |  July 27, 2017

We’ve made mention of Tentrr.com in the past here on Upstater, but we wanted to take a moment to bask in the most excellent glamping accommodations they currently have available in the Catskills right now, because they look quite enticing. Case in point: Pioneer Farm in Warwick, depicted above. What is not depicted is the heated in-ground pool that comes with it.

For those unfamiliar, Tentrr.com is similar to most short-term rental sites like Airbnb…except instead of homes and rooms, Tentrr offers a camping experience a considerable step up from leaky tents and (not) sleeping on the ground. Every Tentrr campsite includes a canvas tent on a platform, queen-sized cot, two Adirondack deck chairs, fire pit, grill, cool prep and dry storage for food, a picnic table, outdoor shower, camp toilet, and five gallon water container. Tentrr sites also offer privacy, something you may not necessarily get at one of the many state land campgrounds around the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley. Of course, glamping is going to cost you more than camping, closer to the price of a hotel room than a campsite. Finding a secluded spot with amenities and communion with the Great Outdoors, however, is nigh unto priceless.

Check out Tentrr’s available campsites here. Our favorites: Swimming Hole in the Sycamores in East Branch, Aqua Esfera in Kingston, Stonecutters Lodge in Hurley (this one has a tent woodstove!), and Davis Hollow Mountain Meadow in Andes…which also happens to be zombie-proof. We can’t think of a better way to wait out the Zombie Apocalypse than from a secluded camp site in the Catskill Mountains.

Have you used Tentrr to fulfill your glamping dreams? Let us know below!

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