Can You Solve These Hudson Valley Unsolved Mysteries?

  |  July 15, 2015
unsolved mysteries

As soon as we found out that Aleister Crowley spent years camping in exile on Esopus Island in Ulster County, we knew that the Hudson Valley had to have a weird streak and an aptitude for the mysterious. Turns out, we were not wrong. Over the years, we found ourselves fascinated with UFO sightings near Pine Bush and black panther sightings throughout the valley, even scraping the bottom of the local lore barrel perusing Internet reports of Bigfoot and Kipsy, the Hudson River monster. Hey, don’t judge. We consider it part of our duty as champions of the HV to stay informed of all the weird stuff we can, and then pass that weird stuff along to you. Here’s a little something from the HV weirdness files: recently published this list of 10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Hudson Valley, an info-taining read if you, like us, enjoy a good unsolved mystery. Did you know there might be buried treasure in Phoenicia? Or that Thomas Jefferson’s alleged son’s alleged gravesite sits broken and forgotten in Middletown? Have you seen the Frost Valley petroglyph? We didn’t know this stuff, either. Color us edified and hungry for more. Read the full list here.

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