Car-Free Country House: Beacon Victorian of Mystery, $355,000

We love everything about this house. Some may be inclined to pass it by because the exterior looks like maybe Boo Radley lives inside. But that’s actually one of the things that makes us love it all the more. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that we just watched the entire first season of American Horror Story on Netflix over the course of two days. Surprisingly, the interior is gorgeous, with graceful archways, a sweeping staircase, and wood floors. It even has an intriguing, mysterious past: Local legend has it that this house was a pre-Civil War safe house.

 Located 10 minutes from the Metro North station in Beacon, it’s walking distance to town. Paranormal investigation fees not included.
Car-Free Country House: Beacon Victorian of Mystery, $355,000

22 South Avenue, Beacon Prudential Serls GMAP

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