Carmel Cottage on the Creek, $70,000

  |  October 23, 2015
39 gordon rd carmel ny

If memory serves, we’ve written about this 300 sq. ft. cottage in Putnam County before. Hazy total recall notwithstanding, we obviously see something in this little (read “cozy”) cabin. Its streamside locale is idyllic but dangerous (pray the creek don’t rise). It’s almost a greenhouse given that it’s all window. And, the property is 4 acres in size, which, let’s face it, if you’re going for a hermit-in-the-woods thing, you’re going to want that much land for privacy’s sake. What you see is pretty much what you get here, including zero heat and hot water. There is, however, a CO for an enclosed porch. Get to work, hermits!

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39 Gordon Road, Carmel (Houlihan Lawrence)

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